Sunday, 30 September 2012

Osamu Watanabe

Despite having officially finished the book, and going into the design process, when I came across the Fake Cream work of Osamu Watanabe, I knew we had to have it in the book. His work has everything this book encapsulates -- sacchirine sweet, pastel-colored, romantic, frilly, over-embellished, no limits love for kawaii. Asides from his opulently decorated fake cream unicorns, giraffes, crocodiles, etc, he has made homages to Botecelli and Rodin, as well as a cream Zen garden and seated Buddha.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Last shoot: kokeshi!

At Naruko Onsen in Tohoku at the moment which is possibly the cutest village in Japan. This region is home to the kokeshi doll, a traditional wooden doll which is experiencing something of a revival at the moment (mostly due to the Tohoku disaster and the fact that these areas are still struggling). Naruko Onsen is kokeshi heaven! Spent the weekend sitting in hotsprings at Bentenkaku ryokan, learnt how to do the matsuri dance (although couldnt remember any of the steps) and joined in the festival carrying the mikoshi (portable shrine). The locals are super friendly, and everywhere you look, there are kokeshi motifs and several craftsmen's studios-- this village is SO cute -- Japan at it's best! Thanks Naruko Onsen for the loveliest weekend shooting this book, esp. the people at Bentenkaku ryokan. Photos: Kokeshi telephone box, kokeshi firetruck, festival peeps, kokeshi on the portable shrine, kokeshi street signs and hand rails, kokeshi coffee stirrer. <333