Saturday, 29 October 2016

HK dim sum!

Working on a story in Hong Kong... Ill post later, but first some pix from the Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine resto, SO GOOD. 
Most of the themed restaurants in Japan I've been to look cool, but the food is absolutely dreadful (the only exception being the ninja restaurant in Akasaka, which was pretty good) 
Basically you go to take photos, and it's a bit of a joke as the target demographic in most cases is little kids, or otaku men in Akihabara who clearly don't care if they are eating a cold omelette covered in ketchup. 
So, I was really pleasantly surprised at both the design and the food at the Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine dim sum restaurant. Seriously, what a feast, and SO cute!! 
I really recommend visiting here if you are ever in Hong Kong, the attention to details is impeccable. 

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Swiss quote magazine

Did an interview recently for Swiss Quote magazine, a banking mag (!) about kawaii culture. They called me a "he" despite the fact I did a phone interview -- I will admit I have a ridiculous accent, but I truly do not sound like a guy. And not too sure about the quote (I have never used the term "Generation Y" in my life). But anyways…if you want to read about the kawaii phenomena from the perspective of a finance journalist check it out.  Thanks for dropping me a line Swiss Quote!