Thursday, 23 April 2015

Kokeshi book 2nd edition

Just another quick book plug again, the second edition of my book Kokeshi, from Tohoku with Love will be out in about a month. You can preorder it here,
but again, if you can, get it at Kinokuniya, they have shops all over the world, for photography, art, illustration and graphic design books, it is truly fantastic.
The first edition is a charity book and it is nearly sold out (a few boxes if that) I am super grateful to everyone who bought it.
The second edition is not a new book, but it is larger, around 50 more photos, 240 pages, more profiles, more pages, hardcover, stitched back, larger format and very high grade paper from sustainable sources. There are over 250 photos of kokeshi in the book.
If you like cute stuff, rural travel, artisan made items, or Japanese culture, please pick it up!
Kokeshi dolls are an old school kind of cute, but some of the artisans really make OTT kawaii styles now to fit with contemporary clientele -- there is a kokeshi boom at the moment with young, creative type females, and galleries like PARCO and Claska held kokeshi shows recently, and there are a bunch of events in Koenji periodically as well.  Many of my interviewees for the Kawaii, Japan's Culture of Cute mentioned them in their interviews as having the same aesthetic sensibilities as contemporary kawaii design.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

15 things happening in Japan

In episode #1000000 of  where my work ends up, I have no idea, I recently saw that one of my articles on kawaii for the Wall Stret Journal online is in a book called "15 things happening in Japan" and is used to teach students English (!). If you have actually met me and heard me speaking in my native tongue,  Astrayan, you will probably find this totally hilarious. They used one of Takuya Angel's photos on the cover-- most people who are familiar with Japanese subcultures know his fashion, but actually, he gives really good interviews and he also lectures at fashion schools. I know he gets a lot of press overseas, but I really do reccomend talking to him as well.
 Anyways, they have printed a bunch of WSJ articles that focus on contemporary Japan, and it's actually quite interesting.


check them out*
5 things you didnt know about kawaii
Uniqlo Finds WEalth of Data in Bangladesh Not-For-Profit venture
When the B List is Best
Harvard Degree: The political economy of Kumamon
Saving Fukuoka's street food
A Japanese artist Finds New Life After the Quake.
Fictional Japanese TV Banker takes Double the payback
As Sentiment Improves, Red Lipstick bakc in Vogue
Japan's Aging Female criminals?
Cult Tv Travelogue lets you share Wednesday's Ride
Want to cosplay? lose that sword
Fukushima Watch : Who wrote the NEw Anti-Nuke Novel
For Some, Scented Fabric Softeners No laughing matter
The 1964 Tokyo Olympics,  a turning point for Japan
New Valentine's day in Japan: No Men

Friday, 3 April 2015

Kimono Now

Quick plug for my next book, Kimono Now, it is out in the UK and the rest of the world soon. The outlook is very contemporary, and should appeal to the people who also liked the kawaii book. 

Check it out! 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

kawaii in the sky!

Did a short 2 page spread for Jetstar's inflight magazine, really cute layout and cover!
The panda bus you can see in downtown Tokyo, which is more known for traditional crafts than hyper colored kitsch, but there is a panda in Ueno zoo so there is SO much panda related kawaii stuff there.  
It takes you around the Asakusa area, check it out! 
thanks so much kimberley and anne as always xxxx

...I should add that pandas are not from Japan --check out Chengdu if you want to see real pandas:)