Friday, 18 April 2014


LA was super hectic, but met so many people it was really quite incredible and managed to squeeze in some work for my kimono book too and meet some LA kawaii peeps.
Thank you so much to Aaron, Gabriel and Dory from SCB, Greg Kimura and Elizabeth from the Japanese American Museum, Yoko from the Japan Foundation, Sherry from Kinokuniya and all the people who bought books and came to my talk.
Everyone was super super friendly at the talk which was SO nice! I can't thank you enough for coming to the talk and buying books,  I am so so so so soooo  grateful!

Got a mega vitamin D dose at the LA TImes book fair, LA weather lived up to its reputation. I have never done a US book fair so it was nice to see that print is far from dead.

So many people asked about my kimono - it is from Denim Dosu in Kyoto, I can wear it with converse, throw it in the wash, iron it, it is made from premium denim and it folds well -- i.e. it is easy to put on. It has pink stitching. The han eri (collar) is pink and stitched with birds, it is from Wakitsch. I am in the middle of compiling a stack of interesting designers for my next book if you want to see more:

I think as many people wanted to talk about kimono as the books! :) Some photos at the Japan Foundation pop up exhibition (my suitcase was like a BRICK) and the book fair:

Friday, 4 April 2014


OK.... so this is the final updated schedule, my books will be available at all of these, if you already have a book, bring it over if you want it signed!

12 April// 12-1 at the Japan American Museum

12 april //2:30 - 4 at the LA TIMES book fair
13 april //3:30 to 5 at the LA TIMES book fair

 17 april// 7 pm at the JAPAN FOUNDATION for a kokeshi/post 3-11 Japanese youth culture/ kawaii culture talk.
Also I am doing a pop up exhibition. I sold off all my kokeshi in Paris for charity, but I managed to borrow about 35 vintage kokeshi, and will bring 10 of my own, copies of KOKESHKA's Kokeshi Jidai magazine, and we will have a slide show too. It is FREE so if you aren't doing anything, come over and say hi!