Tuesday, 27 January 2015

kawaii ink

Tatowier magazine has a write up this month I did of the Hello Kitty convention tattoo shop and kawaii ink. I am usually writing about old timers with 30- 50 year careers for these mags, so it was actually nice to interview someone closer to my age for a change!
I wrote about this before, but people were lining up from 4am to get tattooed with Mario Desa Hello Kitty flash -- even having a tattoo booth at the MOCA is incredible. Most of the artists are well known guys, and one commented that he was really overwhelmed at how positive the whole experience was; seriously, couldn't agree more. I personally haven't been into Harajuku fashion since I was a teen and had rainbow hair and decora jerseys, piercings and so on, (although I still love the look) but it is really easy to get into the positivity and creativity of the people in this scene...and realistically these kind of motifs far eclipse trad Japanese tattoos in ubiquity these days.
thanks always Dirk at Tatowier!

PS if you want to get saccharine ink while in Japan, the place to go to Chopstick in Osaka (female artists Kyon, and Nattsu)

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, hope you had a great one!
I really appreciate your support over the last year, and thanks to everyone who dropped me a line about the kawaii book. Your feedback is really appreciated!!
I have some people asking about the photos on my little blogspots -- they are free to use under creative commons, but not all the photos are mine, so please mail me first.
I also get a few uni students mailing me -- please skype me (meowsie23) with a message so I know who you are; that is the best way to try and get in touch immediately. If I am not in the middle of something, or on a boat,  I will answer your Q's.

I have some non-book projects this year, but I'll try and get another 2 out. Also, the kokeshi book is nearly sold out. I will make a new version this year, with a 2~3000 print run with more profiles.

Anyways thanks again for visiting this site, I will try and upload some more kawaii stuff when I get back to Japan xxxxxxx