Thursday, 9 March 2017

RedBull Radio

Did an interview on kawaii with Red Bull radio in Brooklyn, for their show, the Vortex.  I haven't heard it yet as it was playing in the middle of the night Asia time -- I would have woken up to listen to it, but I've been dreadfully sick. Boo!
Anyways, it will be streaming on demand here soon. 
I'm on with Anamanaguchi, Ujico, Mieshi Smile, Carpainter, Moe shop, MYLK, Lewis can cut and Ducky.
Thanks so much Vivian and Paula xoxox

edited to add: just listened it -- asides from my ridiculous accent (I'm not living in Oz, I was a long time ago)  it's awesome -- I love the line-up and Vivian's voice is so lovely!!
Please check it out, if for nothing else for the Namie Amuro x Hatsune Miku collab, the conversation around Hatsune Miku is really fascinating, they bring up authenticity and the community around her. Really, really interesting interview.

ps I LOVE Namie Amuro, I used to have such a girl crush on her (eye candy for you)