Monday, 14 March 2016


I've finally started instagram, I work in media, so I usually get my books reviewed/ receive interviews with traditional publications to promote them, and get bored with social media, as it seems like a bit of a chore --I don't even have FB or twitter!
Buuuut I will try and stick with this, I have a couple of thousand unused kokeshi photos, and I am passionate about promoting Tohoku culture, so please check it out!
My handle is tohokukokeshi;  I will upload my kokeshi outtakes (photos that didn't make it in my book) I've already met some amazing artists, which has been nice, I didn't realise how many people overseas make contemporary kokeshi, it is really cool to see.

edited to add, I am not a shop!

PS I'm using insta to upload outtakes from my books -- not to sell kokeshi, I have had a few enquiries about it. The two best places to buy kokeshi in Tokyo are:

Tohoku Standard Market in skytree -- this place has a lot of kokeshi, as well as other Tohoku related products, from food to hand crafted items. It is beautiful! It is in Sky Tree, Japan's tallest monument, check out the view and buy some kokeshi.

Kokeshka in Kamakura, this place is curated by the makers of Kokeshi Jidai, an amazing magazine for kokeshi fans. It is truly one of the best magazines coming out of Japan, the design and photography is so superb. Anyways, this shop is in Kamakura and has a fine range, they also have English speaking staff (the co-owner is bilingual).

I recommend both, not one or the other. Both are in places you'd want to go to anyways!
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